Dasha Kylish, Perm, Russia

My baby used to sleep on my chest and needs to eat often at night. Now, he sleeps on his own and I finally have time for myself!

Regina, thanks for my baby’s sleep! My son can now fall asleep independently without needing my chest or my hand. I have my personal time now!

When Regina first told me she could teach my son to fall asleep on his own—as she had taught her own babies and other children before—that is, if I wanted to, it seemed like a fairytale!

I did not believe right away that my child could do that! After all, the only way my child would sleep is if he falls asleep on my chest. Even then, he would wake up 3 to 5 times every night and I would feed him so he would go back to sleep.

Two months after I heard about what Regina could do, I finally made up my mind. I was so tired of feeding so often at night and taking so long for my baby to sleep.

My son was 1 year old when I consulted with Regina and she said it was possible to sleep train my baby six months earlier!

My baby started falling asleep in 10 minutes, woke up once, and he no longer woke up in the middle of the night wanting to eat.

It has been 9 months since we found success through Laila Tov. I thank Regina for helping us establish a sleeping routine for my baby.

My son now sleeps in a separate room and can fall asleep in the dark by himself. My son goes to bed by himself and now I have time for myself. I can finally enjoy my tea while it’s hot!

Now I tell everyone about Regina and I recommend her! She will teach your children to sleep—you just have to trust her!

She will give you step-by-step instructions on WHAT to do and WHAT NOT to do. This is not written in any book!

Sweet dreams to you and your kids!

– Dasha Kylish, Perm, Russia


Svetlana Lokshina, Moscow, Russia

We are very grateful to Regina! Our baby (1.3) sleeps all night long in his bedroom and falls asleep in a couple of minutes. It sounds ridiculous but it’s a fact and our new reality!

The problem was that our son used to sleep with us in our bed. Regina helped us to believe in a miracle and set up the process in a right way. Thanks to this program and Regina supportive approach we reached perfect results: healthy baby sleep in his room and his bed and parent’s evening became free! 😀

The main secret to reach your success here is just to trust Regina and do it! And you can proudly join the community of happy parents

– Svetlana Lokshina, Moscow, Russia


Natalia, Perm, Russia

My friends told me about Regina and she made the best plan for my baby! Now my baby can sleep on his own for 11-12 hours at night without nursing.

I want to express my gratitude to Regina for the work she has done in training my baby to sleep independently.

At first, I hesitated to start working with a sleep training expert.

Like many mothers, I thought that everything will get better by itself.

But at 10 months, I knew the wait was not worth it.

I needed to teach my son to start sleeping on his own.

On recommendations from my friends—mothers who also studied under Regina—I decided to try the Laila Tov method.

I could not believe that at 10 months, my baby can go to bed alone and sleep for 11-12 hours!

After getting in touch with Regina, we selected the best way to start sleep training my baby and defined our goals.

At that time, my goal was to teach my child to sleep without breastfeeding and waking up at night.

There were adjustments at first but then my child started learning to fall asleep independently.

Regina presented the most necessary information about the Laila Tov method and she really taught my baby to fall asleep independently!

Not everything was easy and sometimes it seemed like it was impossible, but Regina supported me at all stages of the program.

At the same time, she chose the best option for my child!

As a result, we learned to sleep without breastfeeding at night. My baby sleeps 11-12 hours without waking up at night.

It takes literally 10-15 minutes and my baby will fall asleep on his own, 10 minutes and the baby sleeps!

It really works!

– Natalia, Perm, Russia


Tamara Sager, New York

Regina and “Laila Tov” changed our lives. A few months ago, putting our daughter to sleep was a source of stress and could take two hours of different activities. Now, we put our 16-month-old in her bed, walk out of the room and that’s it. She knows how to fall asleep, and how to stay asleep on her own, during the day and night. She also know that we are always there if she needs anything.

The healthy routine we built with Regina’s help made our days and nights more peaceful and helped us connect with our daughter on a new level. The process takes time and dedication; it’s not a magic solution! But if you follow the instructions, and trust yourself and your baby’s ability to learn, you will be AMAZED at how quickly things get better.

Throughout the process, Regina was always available to answer our questions, provide great advice, give us confidence and encouragement, and help us achieve a positive change for our family. She was respectful and supportive of our breastfeeding goals and parenting style.

We are truly grateful and cannot recommend Regina and Laila Tov enough!

– Tamara Sager, New York