Laila Tov Program

Here are the main principles of the program:

  • The child is not left crying in bed.
  • Prioritizes the child’s welfare by responding to their needs immediately.
  • Considers the needs of the entire family.
  • Lower dependency on external consolation (including a pacifier, breastfeeding, rocking to sleep, stroking head/back, etc.)
  • A gradual process that makes it easy for the parent and child.
  • Guaranteed results with the full cooperation of the parents.
  • Additional care and support for other situations in parenting.

What age can a baby start sleep training?

The Laila Tov program is best for children ages 5 ½ months to 5 years old.

Before this age, babies are still learning to adjust to sleep and feeding routines.

Do not worry about doing things wrong during the first few months. You can never spoil a newborn by feeding.

But what is not normal is when a baby—5 ½ months to 5 years old—wakes up every 2 to 3 hours wanting to eat or drink.

Toddlers and preschoolers make up every excuse to get out of bed.

This is where Laila Tov comes to the rescue!


How to get started

Step 1. Consultation:

Get in touch via email, phone or Skype for a consultation.

During the first conversation, we will talk about the sleeping problems specific to your family.

We will discuss family habits and questions like:

  • How often do you want to feed?
  • What external factors does your baby need to fall asleep?

This is the only program that considers the parents’ wishes and the welfare of the child.

If you like the program, the next step is setting goals.

Step 2. Custom Plan:

I will create a plan that best fits your family’s specific needs.

The ultimate goal is to teach your child to sleep without depending on external factors—be that a pacifier, a midnight feeding, or rocking through the night.

Step 3. Daily Consultation for Two (2) Months

Laila Tov is gradual sleep training for babies that focuses on promoting a sense of security for your child.

Yes, this is not a magic method that will get your baby sleeping throughout the night in a day or two.

You will be asked to keep a daily log of your baby’s sleep.


What to Expect

  • Week 1 to Week 6: You will receive full coaching and lessons. You will get daily support via phone, text message, email, or Skype.
  • Week 7 and Week 8: You can confidently implement the sleeping technique yourself.

In exceptional cases where sleep patterns are not yet established during the last two weeks, the parents will continue daily direct guidance and reporting.

The process ends after 8 weeks. With full cooperation from the parents and a full commitment to the program, your baby will be trained to sleep on his/her own.

Call today to get started on the program.