To the confused mom who has read every book, followed every advice – but whose baby still does not sleep without assistance:

Wherever you are in the world, you are about to experience the “miracle” of getting your baby to sleep—independently!


Hi, I’m Regina,

a certified child sleep consultant.

What I do is I train babies 5 ½ months to 5 years old to fall asleep on their own.

Like many first-time moms, I read every book on babies. For the second child, I stopped caring about what books said.

“I tried all the advice and they just don’t work.”

If that is how you feel too—you are in the right place.


The Laila Tov Method

In Hebrew, it means “Good night”!

The Laila Tov method was created by Ganit Prag in 2006. She is a mother in Israel who—like every mom—had her share of sleepless nights.

The philosophy of Laila Tov is simple:

Always respond to the cry.

Easy as it may sound, you will need a baby sleep professional to guide you through the Laila Tov method.

You will receive daily support from me.

Whether you bottle-feed, breast-feed, have a teething child or a toddler throwing tantrums before bedtime, this program is for you!

Get in touch today to learn more about sleep guidance for babies and toddlers.

Time to say, Laila Tov and experience the “miracle” yourself.